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Why Choose HomeGauge Home Inspection Software over the others?

Speed up report writing time

HomeGauge has many features to reduce your time in front of your computer!

Use videos in your reports

Stay ahead of your competitors with advanced features like videos in your reports.

Online features that stand out

HomeGauge gives you a report presentation that just can't be beat.

Dazzle with 360° images

360° images make your home inspection reports an immersive experience.

Impressive custom websites

We specialize in making beautiful, fully customized websites for home inspectors.

The best support in the industry

Call us for help, visit our online help center, or watch tours online. Get help the way you want it.

Home Inspection Software

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HomeGauge makes it easy to create professional home inspection reports and print them onsite or deliver them online. HomeGauge comes standard with templates for many different types of properties, including single family homes, multi-family, commercial buildings, condos, mold, four point inspections, new construction phases, and also includes support for the Texas (TREC) format. In addition, you can create your own templates for just about any type of inspection you may need to perform. HomeGauge offers technical support and also tips on marketing your business. HomeGauge home inspection software is used by inspectors across the US and Canada, and is widely accepted by all the major trade associations.

Home Inspection Software

See what our customers are saying:

I find the ease of use to be the best part. If I run into a oddball situation on a home, I can write it in the report for just that single use, or keep it for future uses. The flexibility is great.

Jamie Dunsing, Dunsing Inspections

I use it simply because it is the most user friendly home inspection software on the planet. Adding photos to my reports is a breeze. In my opinion, there is no other software that is even a close second. Oh yes, did I mention the superb support team? They actually listen and take action.

Ken Melton, Ken Melton Home Inspections

I would like to thank you and your staff — when I found your company several years ago you said you were founding your company on service — and that you have. It means a lot to me to be able to call and get help for a problem with my home inspection software when I'm in the field. I don't know how, but it seems everyone I talk to is happy to help, almost like family, and I know you don't know me from Adam. Thanks for making me look good.

Dennis Shaw, I spy home Inspections

I purchased your home inspection software at the end of October 2008, and had no computer experience at all prior to that. I needed a lot of help, and this is to let you know I always got the help I needed. My transition from a hand written report to the computerized report has been so much easier than I could have ever hoped, and I believe it is directly related to your designers, tech guys, and your staff in general. All you guys are great, and I look forward to a long working relationship with you and your people. Thanks again for a Great product that helps make me an even better home inspector.

Douglas Smith, Home Inspections Services

The software is easy to use and extremely professional looking. I really like how the agents and my client can easily view the report after i upload it and send out the email notification.

Herb Tippie, Safety First Home Inspections

I have had more compliments on this home inspection software in four months than I have using any other form of inspection reporting in the last nineteen years. I even got a compliment from a civil engineer. (how about that?) The real estate agents love the fact that the pictures remove all doubts about a problem and my customers are impressed with the amount of information and thoroughness that the program provides. Thanks for a great home inspection software program.

Curtis Carlisle, Carlisle Home Inspection Services, Inc.